Micro-Market Concept

Micro-Markets are unstaffed, self checkout, food markets fit for workplace breakrooms or cafeterias. Each market is serviced and restocked by our company through our real-time inventory management system. Each market is set up with a point of sale hardware kiosk system equipped with a barcode scanner to allow for self payment.

Attract The Right Talent

Keep your Employees Engaged

Boost Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Turn Your Breakroom Into an Employee Perk

Low Cost, Low Maintenance

Low upfront and maintenance cost

Low management required, no additional staff onsite – Managed by our service team and backend inventory management system

Fit for workplaces not suitable for a full-scale cafeteria

Customizable food menus, subsidy plans, retail layouts


Benefit To Employees


Convenient Self Checkout Kiosks: 24-7 Market Hours


Multiple Payment Methods - Cash/ Debit/ Credit


Employee Engagement - Promotional Offers and Fresh Food of the Day


Healthy Snack Options

Delicious Options For Everyone

Over 500 products and 90 brands to choose from

Are Micro-Markets Right For You?

  • Any workplace environments with 100+ employees
  • Areas of service: any region within Ontario
  • Employers looking to improve their breakroom experience