At Loyalty, we aim to provide you a retail experience in every corner of your workplace. Whether this is subsidized by the employer or sold individually, our offering can be customized to fit your individual workplace needs.

Give your employees a great coffee experience with a subsidized program

Subsidized pricing with payment using the micro-market

Time enabled subsidy - subsidy after certain hours

How it Works?


We ensure that the correct machine and product offering is provided to fit the needs of your workplace and employee preferences.


Our team will work with your company to ensure your facility has the proper plumbing access and electrical requirements to handle our machines.


We will ensure that your coffee supplies are fully stocked with regular service visits. Leave your inventory order to our service team or place your orders directly to us.

Customer Service

Our team provides regular machine cleaning and maintenance to ensure your machines are properly serviced and fully functional.

Coffee Offering

Single Serve Coffee Pods

Bean to Cup

Drip Coffee

Espresso Machine

Freeze Dry

Pantry Offering

Why stop at coffee? Fuel your employees with a variety of healthy snacks available from our list of over 500+ products available in our markets.

Why Pantry?

Transform the Workplace - bring your employees together with food by enhancing the break room experience

Boost Productivity - Fuel your employees with energy from our offering of healthy snacks and beverages

Attract the Greatest Talent - Make your break room a perk to attract prospective employees

What we Provide?

A customized pantry offering

Delivery and restocking straight to your facility

Consumption data and inventory management available