At Loyalty Markets, customers come first with each of our services. We understand the frustration of having a vending machine eat your change or a bag of chips getting jammed mid purchase. We guarantee a money back policy for our customers. Each machine includes a service call number and asset ID to resolve any issues our customers may have.

Standard Vend – Products will be charged at full price

Free Vend – Products will be free to the employees and employer will be invoiced for the total items vended

Subsidized Vend – Products will be charged at a discounted price and employer will be invoiced for the subsidized amount


Snack Vending

Our snack vending machines are capable of offering 40-50 products per machine with a customizable selection from our 350+ available products. We offer combo machines that include both snack offerings and cooled beverages.


Beverage Vending

Full sized vending machines are available for both can and bottled beverages. Our beverage machines are supplied by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Red Bull. Mix of vendors and quantity of machines can be customized to the employer's facility and employee demands.

Coffee Vending

Our state-of-the-art coffee vending machines offer a broad menu of 30+ different combinations of specialty hot coffee beverages. We guarantee a high-quality cup of instant or fresh brew hot beverage to each customer. Customers can directly select their preferred beverage and ingredient controls (sugar, milk, cream) for the best user experience.

Our machines are serviced, restocked and cleaned on a frequent basis to offer employers a convenient, affordable, hassle free and clean coffee option for their employees.


Remote Monitoring

Each of our machine is fit with remote monitoring technology that provides real time sales data to our company. This data allows us to properly service your machines by telling us exactly what to restock, frequency of stocking needed, and the most and least popular items, ensuring your machines are fully stocked with the items your employees want most.

Cashless Payments

Our cashless payment terminals allow our customers the ability to choose their preferred method of payment.

Accepted Payments: Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Several Other Mobile Payment Wallets